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‘Tis the Season to be… Snuggled!


Rather than turn on the heat in my apartment, my boyfriend and I have taken to storing piles of blankets in every room. This means lots of snuggles. Sadly, not always with me. Our usually aloof cat has taken to resting in what would normally be my spot next to my boyfriend (because he has the most body heat out of all of us), leaving me huddled under my own measly blanket with only the comfort of a book to keep me warm. While he watches football and the cat watches Cat TV (aka the backyard), both snuggled together in such an unbelievably adorable manner that even I feel sickened (okay, and maybe a bit jealous), I escape to Bookland… continue reading >>

Spooky Reads for the YA Reader

ISTOCK Spooky Books for YA Reads

Fall is just around the corner; the smell of rain is in the air! Fall time is my time, and I’m celebrating the transition of the seasons with some dark and spooky reads. Alien invasions, non-romantic vampires, abandoned insane asylums…  yes, this is the good life! Here are some reads I’ve enjoyed that will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween. continue reading >>

Hot Summer Nights 2013

IStock Hot Summer Nights

There’s nothing better than the breeze of a cool fan blowing across you on a hot summer night. For me, summer nights are for stargazing, lounging in your underwear because it’s too freaking hot (preferably with some ice cream), or—my personal favorite—maybe even reading something a little bit raunchy. Here are some reads that will not only make you wish you had more fans in your house, but will make you need to stand in front of the freezer with the door open for a while. continue reading >>

What’s the Difference between an Android and a Cyborg?: New YA Reads


Every summer I succumb to all temptation and just binge on books (and TV) for all I am worth. I fill my days with yoga, books, friends, TV (can’t miss reruns of the Doctor), and sunny days lounging on the grass while my cat chases bugs and squirrels. I have a job so I’m sure I go and do that at some point, too, but my mind auto-fills my memory database with endless weekends interspersed with random memories of gray cubicles and paperwork. I swear, I’m this close to a double-personality, because Work Carolyn is much more responsible than me. Work Carolyn gets up every morning to go to work while Fun Carolyn stays up late at night to read just one more chapter, which of course does not make Work Carolyn very happy. Oh well, that’s her problem! continue reading >>

Spring Break Reads! (YA New Releases)

Carolyn Spring Break

I feel the need for some escapism—some excitement, new faces, new worlds to explore! Just look around you; excitement is in the air. So are allergies, but there are meds for that—and they sort of work, most of the time. But while I’m grounded under the weight of student-loan payments, my escapes are mostly imaginary. So you know what I’m going to do with my Spring Break? Well, pester our good ol’ UO faculty members for their textbook adoptions and make sure your booklists are ready by the time you get back—but aside from that, I am going to read something FUN!

In lieu of a beautiful and restful vacation (or party-ful, if that is your preference) I am sneaking peaks at some of the Scarletnewest releases for the Young Adult genre. For my Spring Break, I am going to be reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, just released in February as a hardcover, and I am so excited! Scarlet is the sequel to Cinder, a futuristic retelling of the classic Cinderella story. Can you guess who Scarlet is about? Little Red Riding Hood—retold, of course, in the vivid world that was introduced to us in Cinder. In fact, I think they team up. That should be fun. Anyway, Cinder is finally out in paperback, so naturally I staff-favorited it. That’s not really a word, but it does mean that it is 25% off of $9.99! Take a look guys—I promise this one’s a keeper.

Here are [...]
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Guilty Pleasures: Supernatural Romance Edition

Guilty Pleasures: Supernatural Romance Edition

Give me a story with a smart, sassy heroine and a brooding, strong hero, rife with sizzling chemistry (heavy on the sizzling); armed with a cup of hot chocolate and my favorite blanket, I am set for my weekend reads as my boyfriend watches the football playoffs and our cat attacks his toes. While I’m all for watching the Ducks or Broncos, I get a little footballed out as the games go on and on, and so I retreat into the lovely world of books where love survives against all odds and mystical worlds exist just beyond the Highland mists.

As a lover of a good love story, I am so excited to tell you that the Literary Duck has created a new Romance section on our bookshelves, just in time for Valentine’s Day! No longer will vampire love stories be mixed in with Horror, and contemporary romance mixed in with Fiction—no, it stands on its own two shelves. But it’s not enough! Here at the Literary Duck we know there are so many more of you out there who enjoy romance novels, and we want to hear from you. What are your favorite romance novels? Who are your favorite authors? We would love to show off your book recommendation on our Valentine’s Day display!

We all know there’s nothing quite as fine as snuggling in your warm, cozy bed with a favorite book—or better yet favorite person—on a cold winter’s night. Here are two of my favorite romance series’ to keep you nice and [...]
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Young Adult Books Series: Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Young Adult Books Series: Gifts That Keep On Giving!

When I was growing up I would crawl under my family’s lovely Christmas tree with my best friend, Kitty (actually my cat—I never said I was creative with names as a child), and every year we would inspect all the presents.  We would analyze every detail from shape and size to the color of the ribbon and the wrapping, trying to guess what could be inside. We sat surrounded by the presents, victors amongst our spoils (even if they weren’t all mine), and I would fantasize about what could be waiting for me behind shiny wrapping—the next installment in one of my favorite series, the start of a whole new series, gift cards to my favorite bookstore, or a shiny new collar for Kitty that she would promptly scratch to bits.

Now in my mid-20s, I still dreamily ponder what could be waiting for me under the tree, but over the years I’ve learned that the best part is when I get to share something I love with someone else. Here are this year’s suggestions for what should be under your tree for the Young Adult (YA) reader in your family.


Cinder By: Marissa MeyerCinder By: Marissa Meyer

The first installment in an inventive four-part series, Cinder will leave you eager for more. Don’t let the plot synopsis fool you, it sounds… odd, but it’s fantastic! Yes, there are cyborgs and moon-aliens and a prince charming, but it far exceeded my expectations, even after a good [...]
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